28 November, 2018

The dangers of artificial sweeteners

If you’re someone who still opts for the sugar free or “diet” option believing that it will help you lose weight, prevent weight gain or that it must be healthier than the full sugar version, please think again! Diet drinks and any products containing artificial sweeteners ...
13 September, 2018
Ruth Sharif November Cleans Featured Image

November Cleanse and Reboot Workshop

Autumn is another great time to do a cleanse and for my two September Cleanse and Reboot groups, the focus is once again naturopathic. This means we will be focusing on all detoxification organs and pathways, reducing our intake of toxins at the same time as supporting these organs with nutrient dense alkalising foods and a programme of targeted herbs and supplements...
11 June, 2018

Cleanse and Reboot Summer Programme

11th June 2018 And they’re off! My third Cleanse and Reboot group this year is embarking on their week long Cleanse Programme. Following a briefing session […]
14 May, 2018

Eat to combat allergies

It’s that time of year again when many of us struggle with allergies. Congested sinuses, watery or itchy eyes and headaches are familiar symptoms and annoyingly these can also cause us to feel more tired, struggle to concentrate and drive us to spend more time indoors. We spoke to highly-respected nutritionist Ruth Sharif to find out how our diet can help reduce these unwanted symptoms...
28 February, 2018

Nutrition at the barre – how to optimise your workout…

I’m Ruth Sharif, a nutritional therapist and an enthusiastic barreworks studio member! When it comes pre and post workout fuel, there are so many different sources of advice, it can difficult to know exactly what we should be doing to get the best results...
28 February, 2018

Why you need more vitamin D now!

Vitamin D has emerged in recent years as the new “it” micronutrient because of the number of ways it can positively impact our health and emotional wellbeing...
27 February, 2018

Are Sardines a Superfood?

Sardines may not win any popularity contests, but many of us probably decided we weren’t keen on them before we knew much about what we might be missing out on…
27 February, 2018

Good Mood Food

If you’re feeing a bit flat, or want to avoid feeling that way, there are certain foods and supplements that can help. The saying "variety is the spice of life" rings true when it comes to choosing foods to help regulate our mood...
27 February, 2018

Healthy Breakfast Mornings

I often hold "healthy breakfast ideas" seminars, either at home or wherever requested by someone who wishes to host for friends/colleagues...
27 October, 2017

Yoga and Nutrition Workshop, Chiswick, October 2017

I teamed up with the inspiring yoga instructor Dipa Trivedi to run a yoga/nutrition workshop just before half term. First up was an hour of yoga with a sequence focussing on the digestive system...
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