“My personal and professional experience
convinces me that nutrition can be the source of
true health and vitality.”


I’m a registered nutritional therapist based in South West London, offering tailored nutrition consultations and programmes. I work successfully with issues ranging from digestive and gut health, fatigue, anxiety, stress and hormone balance as well as weight management, nutrition for sport and more longterm conditions.

“Working within a supportive and realistic framework, my clients benefit from the proven power of nutritional therapy. There is nothing better than seeing people experience real results while taking control of their lifelong wellbeing.”


“There is so much we can do to improve the way you feel” :

"Life is busy and complicated enough. I’m here to make things simple. Why don’t you book a free pre-consultation call to learn more about how I can help. If you have any questions, please email me."

To get to know me a bit better, watch the short video...


Consultations take place at my practice room in SW14. Alternatively home / work visits can be arranged as can telephone consultations where appropriate.

Contact me and lets arrange a consult or a chat. I want to help you.

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    CALL ME: 07791 296 279