As a nutritionist and health coach, I work a lot with women and men in their 40’s and early 50’s who are busy juggling work, family and often exercise. Many want to improve digestive health and immunity, boost energy and fat burning. They are also interested in managing daily stress and anxiety, balancing hormones, promoting longevity and guaranteeing an active next phase of life! They want to find out how the right food can benefit them and of course their families.

I am also working more with teenagers in my practice: those wanting to optimise their nutrition for competitive sport, those struggling with skin or anxiety issues and sometimes a combination of these concerns.

What do Ruth’s clients say about working with her?

  • Caroline Casey and Gar Holohan
    "We have just finished a programme with Ruth, comprising of a liver and gut cleanse and reboot. Despite having done this kind of thing before, we found it transformative. Two things- we did it as a couple and we did it with the guided support of Ruth who was an extraordinary coach. This wasn’t a detox but a reset for our heath and vitality. We would not have got so much out of it without Ruth’s deep knowledge, humour and passion for helping others. We have learnt so much that we are adapting and integrating what we learnt during the programme into a different way of cooking, eating and shopping that is now part of our daily life. We could not recommend this more and it will become an annual event!"
    Caroline Casey and Gar Holohan
  •  S. Thompson
    "I dropped 7lbs during my Cleanse - and feel hugely better after the week! I noticed my ankles are less swollen too in the evening. It has been super interesting and I have introduced lots of new things into my life - thank you to Ruth and the group for all the encouragement."
    S. Thompson
  • M.Wythe, Global Head of Talent and Performance Development
    "Dear Ruth, you’ve been a knowledgeable, warm-hearted and simply wonderful coach. Thank you so much for your dedication and support!"
    M.Wythe, Global Head of Talent and Performance Development
  • J Adam
    "It’s been an enlightening experience as a first timer and as well as an overall sense of well-being I think weight loss has been the biggest surprise and benefit for me."
    J Adam
  • D Garvey
    "This has been such a good experience and as on previous Cleanses, I will take away some more good habits. Thanks to the rest of the group for the tip sharing and support!”
    D Garvey
  • S Schusser
    "Thanks so Ruth for guiding us through this and setting us up for a healthy new year! I have taken on so many good habits from my last cleanse and am going to integrate even more. My whole family profits from this cleanse!”
    S Schusser
  • R Forde
    "I wasn’t sure what to expect but have really enjoyed the food and good habit forming. Thank you so much Ruth you are a fabulous teacher and held our hands the entire way.”
    R Forde
  • M Wythe
    "You are so passionate about your work; so professional, patient and helping clients get results with motivation, mentoring and compassion!"
    M Wythe
  • Di Lewis, ECB talent manager
    “I decided to seek some 1:1 advice from Ruth after attending one of her workshops. I had always considered my diet to be ‘ok’, but the workshop really opened my eyes and gave me some great tips around my nutrition which then inspired me to further my knowledge and understanding by speaking specifically to Ruth about my diet and the effect it was having on my life.  I found Ruth to be really approachable and easy to talk to, she is very good at helping you realise what is realistic for you but also helps you to push your boundaries a little so you can achieve things you thought were not possible. There is no doubt that Ruth’s plan for me worked and she checked in on a regular basis and was able to adapt my plan if I needed her to. Working with Ruth left me confident and happy about my diet and I had tons more energy from a combination of taking the right supplements (where I was lacking the vital nutrients) and a good diet. Whether you have a specific issue or want a general nutrition MOT then Ruth will be more than capable of supporting you.
    Di Lewis, ECB talent manager
  • A. McKenzie, GM David Lloyd, Dundee
    "Taking part in the Cleanse was an absolute adventure, mainly mind over body personally. When I started the Cleanse I had been out of training for around 6 months due to ankle injuries, poor diet and a slump around my overall energy and body image. I don’t drink alcohol or coffee but I have a bad relationship with overeating and high sugar foods. During the 10 days I was shocked over the changes in my body. I have quite a reactive body and my results journey was intense. I was getting 8 hours sleep with intense colourful dreams, the swelling around my ankles was reduced, I was more toned and my cellulite improved, my skin was clearer (after a minor breakout initially) and the dark circles around my eyes retreated. The ganglion on my hand which I have had for over 2 years went from the size of a hazelnut to a small lump. My energy levels went through the roof. I found the prep really simple and the supplements really helpful. Ruth’s support was friendly, professional and encouraging. I am so thankful that I have experienced this journey and the natural changes it has made to my life; I feel fresh, light and new!"
    A. McKenzie, GM David Lloyd, Dundee
  • L.Milward, owner Blitz Fitness
    “As a busy mum and personal trainer I was finding I had little time to focus on myself. Ruth's sympathetic style and extensive knowledge helped me to see what vital minerals and vitamins may be lowered in my system due to the physical and constant nature of my work. Her understanding of how supplements can boost your health was invaluable. Ruth is thorough, professional, kind and passionate about her subject area. I would highly recommend her as a nutritional therapist.”
    L.Milward, owner Blitz Fitness
  • E. Bowen Executive Coach
    “Ruth is highly professional and informed. She has been a great source of advice and knowledge in helping me to manage my migraines. With a combination of nutritional advice and supplements (a magnesium complex) I have all but rid myself of migraines. Her consultations take place in her home, which makes for a more personal, relaxed approach. She is very thorough in her questioning, with the aim of understanding the different inputs that can influence wellbeing. I was happy to learn that even small changes to diet and food shopping can have a beneficial effect. Since my initial consultation I have discussed many issues ranging from recovering from minor colds and viruses to trying to detoxify and Ruth has always shared her balanced and well informed views.”
    E. Bowen Executive Coach
  • K. Beach, Consultant
    “Ruth hosted a couple of nutrition seminars that I was lucky enough to attend organised by BlitzFitness. Ruth is exceptionally knowledgeable, but most important realistic and practical. She accepts that we all live busy lives & came armed with quick tips and healthy cheats that are quickly accessible (and healthy) after a busy day. There were also a range of yummy samples and recipes to try which have transformed my weekly shop. Ruth also talked knowledgeably about sports nutrition and was able to recommend ways to hydrate and fuel before and after exercise to enhance desired results. An evening well spent - thank you Ruth!”
    K. Beach, Consultant
  • C. Bullock, Neuro Physiotherapist
    "Ruth’s Cleanse and Reboot was a revelation! Ruth really knows her stuff. She explained the whole process and rationale behind each supplement and the food plan. We all kept in daily contact, sharif recipe ideas and the effects of the Cleanse. Ruth guided us with motivational messages and insights throughout the week. I feel more energised, happy and cleansed after just one week! It has kickstarted mindful healthy eating patterns and I know I can do it, even with a busy life. I highly recommend it."
    C. Bullock, Neuro Physiotherapist
  • P. Hartley, homemaker
    "I signed up to a Cleanse/Reboot program on a whim and have been really surprised at what a difference I feel from the beginning to the end. I’m sure most of us know the principles of good eating, but the program was an excellent reminder to pay attention and not become lazy with food habits. Ruth was brilliant at supporting me on the not-so-good occasions and answering my questions when I needed more information. Going forward, I intend to try to stick with the 80/20 principle and maintain as many as possible of the guidelines that Ruth provided. The whole experience has been quite a revelation."
    P. Hartley, homemaker
  • G. Hurley, Interior Designer
    “I have recently completed the “Cleanse and Reboot” programme run by Ruth. I did the course to kick-start a healthy eating regime to loose some weight without going on a diet.  I have learned so much about nutrition and how the body metabolises food.  I had fallen into bad habits like not drinking enough water, not eating enough vegetables and skipping meals and this was the reason for my lethargy and sluggish bowel.  The initial talk was really informative, with a list of better alternative types of food to choose, as well as a prepared package of supplements and a dry brush, which was all new to me.  I felt completely supported and encouraged by the group WhatsApp that Ruth set up, with daily messages, recipes and tips. I would highly recommend this course to everyone and plan to do it a few times a year to keep me on track.”
    G. Hurley, Interior Designer
  • L. Kroijer, author and investor
    “As a typical middle-aged man ( I'm 41), in denial about my health, Ruth's sessions and insights have been a real revelation to me and something I would recommend anyone to do. As a result of my consultations I have changed my diet in little ways that add up to a significant improvement in my health, without anything seeming like a chore. Like many, I have been guilty of building up bad habits over the decades and Ruth has been instrumental in helping me understand how my diet impacts my health and what I can actively do to improve it.”
    L. Kroijer, author and investor
  • K.Patten, video producer
    "I embarked on a guided cleanse with Ruth earlier this year. As part of a group, I followed a programme devised by Ruth, which included an initial presentation and then online encouragement and advice via a Whats App group and a debrief at the end. My past experience of cleanses is limited and not entirely positive. A couple of year ago, I tried a juice cleanse on my own which left me feeling weakened so I was a little wary but Ruth reassured me immediately. This time I not only felt more energetic and clear headed at the end but I also enjoyed the learning process and felt I could continue with certain aspects of the cleanse into the future. I never felt hungry but knew that I was putting nutritious food into my body. Ruth provided the safety blanket with her knowledge, calm voice and tried and tested supplements. She was on hand to answer questions and rally us with inspiring words. The group aspect was also highly motivational. I would most definitely recommend following a guided cleanse with Ruth and plan to incorporate one into my life twice a year with her help in the future".
    K.Patten, video producer
  • L. Chivers, author
    “I spent five years juggling work and children while completely neglecting my body. I ate convenience food, drank wine heavily, stopped sleeping and began shouting at my children regularly. Eventually I decided I needed to do something. My instincts told me that I needed to look at the underlying causes of what was going on rather than look to medication. It transpired (after testing) that my adrenal glands were flat-lining as they were so depleted through overworking, poor diet etc. My treatment included specific supplements to support my adrenals as well as specific recommendations for a healthier diet, all of which I clung to like a life raft. Within a year, my adrenals were back working at full capacity, allowing me to sleep peacefully, enjoy my family and take pleasure in my life again. The treatment was specific to aiding my recovery and I no longer need the same range of supplements but I will be forever mindful of the way I treat my body. Not only does the right food aid physical health but mental health too; a fact I learned the hard way.”
    L. Chivers, author
  • A. Bilinska, homemaker
    “Shortly after being diagnosed with MS I was recommended to speak to Ruth about my nutrition and vitamin queries. I found her to be easy to talk to and very knowledgeable about my condition. We changed ( painlessly) my diet and added certain vitamins and minerals she now felt were essential. The change in my health was outstanding and everything somehow balanced. I consider Ruth to have been a major factor in this and am forever relieved that she is part of a strong but small team of people helping me.”
    A. Bilinska, homemaker
  • M.Tansey, VP M.Stanley
    “I visited Ruth after being diagnosed with IBS and Helicobacter Pylori. As well as providing dietary advice, Ruth put me on various supplements and a gut protocol, which included digestive enzymes, probiotics, and mastic gum. I have had very little symptoms over the past 2 years and as a bonus have not had a cold in this time either, which is a happy side benefit!”
    M.Tansey, VP M.Stanley