“Many of us today seem to expect that we should "manage" with many chronic conditions such as sluggish digestion, bloating, poor sleeping patterns or feelings of anxiety. These concerns are not necessarily "normal" and you do not have to just get on with it. There is so much we can do to improve the way you feel.”

“Whether you have a specific issue or want a general nutrition MOT then Ruth will be more than capable of supporting you.”

The health and wellbeing of our body is influenced by how healthy our cells are. A shift to a more naturopathic whole food diet, supported by short term supplementation where appropriate, helps us to function better at a cellular level and thereby:

boost immunity / improve digestion / increase energy levels / improve skin / boost mood

  • Bloating/constipation/diarrhoea
  • Heartburn/malabsorption
  • SIBO
  • Food sensitivities

We know the gut is at the centre of our health, affecting digestive comfort, immunity, mood, skin, energy levels and hormone balance.

I help clients with a range of gut health concerns including bloating, discomfort, constipation, diarrhoea, as well as IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, IBD and food sensitivities.

Key to this is understanding the root cause of these symptoms.  The treatment plan would include a gut protocol with food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations. The protocol aims to cleanse, restore and repair the gut and gut lining and to rebalance the gut microbiome with beneficial bacteria for optimum gut health.

  • Blood sugar management
  • Stress
  • Thyroid
  • Hormone balance
  • Best exercise
  • Blood lipid management

There may be several factors influencing a client’s ability to manage their weight.

  • Poor blood sugar management is influenced by food choices which impede fat burning.
  • Stress and poor sleep quality. Ongoing, even low-level stress can cause our body to store more energy as fat.
  • Poor gut health: disrupted gut bacteria balance can cause us to extract more calories from food as well as impact our detox abilities.
  • Hormone imbalance: thyroid and sex hormone balance may play a role.
  • Exercise:  what is most effective for life stage, energy and stress levels and how to eat before and after exercise?

A 3-6 month programme is often most helpful for weight management as it allows time to focus on the aspects most relevant for the client. This ensures the client has regular coaching contact to help achieve goals. The programme would include food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to support a reduction in cravings and achieve low blood sugar impact meals.

  • Stress Response
  • Anxiety/ low mood /brain fog
  • Poor Sleep
  • Adrenal fatigue

Stress is the body’s natural response to challenges thrown at us by life. However long-term activation of the stress response and hence elevated cortisol levels can increase the risk of many issues including anxiety, low mood, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems (gut brain connection), headaches, difficulty losing weight, sleep problems.

Stress and sleep are intertwined with stress causing poor sleep and poor sleep negatively affecting the body’s cortisol levels.

Supporting a client struggling with stress and/or sleep can be at the heart of their treatment plan or may be a concern that is uncovered during the case history and is impacting other symptoms. I work with the client on the underlying causes whilst recommending supplements and lifestyle measures to provide timely relief. There are several gentle yet highly effective ways to support sleep and stress management.

  • PMS
  • Perimenopause
  • Menopause
  • Thyroid
  • Pregnancy

Whether you are struggling with symptoms of menopause or perimenopause and whether you are considering HRT or are already using it, we work together with you to alleviate these symptoms. We would also support other body systems that may be having an impact on how you are managing these transitions.

There are several supplements, herbs and of course foods that can be used safely (always taking into account a client’s existing hormone/supplement programme to ensure no contraindications) to help alleviate symptoms. Gut health, stress and sleep support are also key areas of support when balancing hormones.

  • Men and Women
  • Lower energy
  • Concerns about Weight/Skin/Gut health
  • Optimising nutrition and supplements
  • Reducing the risk of future illness

Whether male or female, midlife can present several challenges ranging from lower energy and difficulty sleeping to challenges in managing weight and balancing hormones.

We also want to look our best and are concerned with skin health and elasticity as well gut health as digestive processes can diminish as we age.

A programme for a client seeking to ‘reboot ‘and set themselves up for the next stage would also consider the best ways to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress; these being key factors in disease prevention and longevity.

  • Frequent infections
  • Autoimmune
  • Skin health
  • Support for long-term conditions

Weakened immunity: Boosting immunity in those who struggle with frequent infections. The case history and treatment plan consider the drivers for the individual which may include compromised gut health and micronutrient deficiencies and stress.

Autoimmune conditions: Whether you are dealing with a long-term diagnosis or have recently experienced symptoms, I would develop a food, lifestyle and supplement programme that may alleviate symptoms and support overall health and wellbeing. A gut health protocol and some testing are key parts of the process.

  • Bloating/constipation/diarrhoea
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Skin/gut/sleep health
  • Questions about supplements
  • Nutrition for sports

I love working with young people who often come to me with concerns about any or some of the following: digestive problems, skin health, mood, anxiety and stress, poor sleep, optimising diet for competitive sport, vitamin, and mineral deficiencies due to a change in diet (e.g., vegan/vegetarian).

We would implement a tailored and achievable programme which is often in stages to suit busy lives and incorporates food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.

  • Guided group detox programme
  • Weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved digestion and sleep

Guided cleanses for groups which include an initial presentation, a comprehensive kit containing herbs, supplements and detailed instructions. Participants join an online support group where I provide daily contact, information and support as well as the opportunity for participants to feedback and share experiences.