How I work


An initial consultation takes 75 minutes and involves a discussion about your main concerns or symptoms, your medical history and an investigation into how your body systems are functioning. We will also discuss your current food choices, any recent test results as well as any stresses or imbalances in your life.

Your personalised treatment plan (based on the goals we agree) will include:

  • Nutrition recommendations (including foods to avoid or limit and those to prioritise)
  • Targeted supplement programme including sourcing information
  • Selection of meal ideas tailored to your needs
  • Relevant lifestyle recommendations (may include recommendations for gentle detoxification to assist the healing process)
  • I may also recommend some diagnostic tests to explore certain aspects of your health further. Some may be available through your GP but I can also organise tests with specialist laboratories (for example to explore food sensitivities)

The initial consultation costs £120. This fee is inclusive of consultation time and your treatment plan with food and supplement recommendations. 

Consultations take place at my practice room in SW14. Alternatively home / work visits can be arranged as can telephone consultations where appropriate.

Follow up Consultations

A follow up happens within 3-4 weeks of our initial meeting. These reviews last 45 minutes and allow us to monitor progress, review test results and make any relevant changes to your treatment plan.
A follow up consultation costs £75 and is inclusive of updated notes and recommendations.


I also work with clients on structured programmes as I find that clients want and need more support, and in my experience this leads to more successful outcomes. Having more regular contact over a longer time period facilitates a deeper understanding of a clients condition. A programme also enables me to coach and support clients through the changes I am recommending, and helps to make these changes sustainable.

Programmes can be adapted to suit your needs but a standard programme has a 12 week term and includes an initial consultation, a follow up and 4 subsequent review sessions (which can be a mix of in person and telephone based).

Programme Cost  £ 425 ( inclusive of treatment plans, review notes, reviewing and organising any test results).


I prepare and deliver presentations on various topics to varying sized groups. I usually supply samples for participants to try as well as displaying various products they wish to consider trying. Some of the workshops I have run this year include:

  • A number of seminars in collaboration with the outdoor fitness company “Blitz” for it’s clients
  • Healthy breakfast seminars for more intimate groups (in collaboration with informal groups such as parents networks, yoga practices

Guided detox programmes

Guided cleanses for groups which include an initial presentation, a comprehensive kit containing herbs, supplements and detailed instructions. Participants join an online support group where I provide daily contact, information and support as well as the opportunity for participants to feedback and share experiences.

“I have recently completed the “Cleanse and Reboot” programme run by Ruth. I did the course to kick-start a healthy eating regime to loose some weight without going on a diet. I have learned so much about nutrition and how the body metabolises food. I had fallen into bad habits like not drinking enough water, not eating enough vegetables and skipping meals and this was the reason for my lethargy and sluggish bowel. The initial talk was really informative, with a list of better alternative types of food to choose, as well as a prepared package of supplements and a dry brush, which was all new to me. I felt completely supported and encouraged by the group WhastApp that Ruth set up, with daily messages, recipes and tips. I would highly recommend this course to everyone and plan to do it a few times a year to keep me on track.” -G. Hurley



I have written articles for local fitness studios including Digme Fitness and Barreworks. Some of these are also available on this web site